H/F Senior Data Scientist (H/F)

Start-up qui va lancer son nouveau produit au CES de Las Vegas

Publiée le 20/02/2023 REF #01P110139
50 à 68K€


Un poste de data scientist dans une start-up française spécialisée dans la création de contenus audios et la synthèse vocale.

Elle ambitionne de devenir le leader européen de l'audio-mobilité et lancera un tout nouveau produit au CES de Las Vegas en Janvier 2024. Pour atteindre son objectif, elle s'est associée à deux acteurs mondiaux du secteur qui comptent plus de 200k employés.

Une centaine de personnes dont une quinzaine de techs contribuent à la croissance de l'entreprise qui a triplé son nombre d'utilisateurs payants l'année dernière -----> 40k utilisateurs.

Elle produit plus de 4 000 contenus chaque mois et a reçu 8 prix de l'innovation.


We are looking for a Data Scientist (H/F)

Our thousands of users consume hours of content on all of our products every month. This consumption data is key to the construction of our content catalog, the feeding of our recommendation engines, our CRM campaigns and for many other use cases. Valuing it, modeling it and making it reliable is therefore an essential mission for the Data team.
The main tasks that you will be entrusted with :

● Understand the business/project issues, translate them technically, provide solutions and ensure follow-up.
● Work on the evolution of our data transformation, modeling and validation pipeline in conjunction with our Analytics Engineer.
● Develop and improve our content recommendation and search algorithms and implement them in a multilingual context (statistical methods, NLP, etc.).
● Test, industrialize and deploy the algorithms in production.
● Support junior profiles in their analyses, R&D and methodology
● Manage communication with other services, particularly APIs.
● Ensure technology watch and keep abreast of advances in Data, ML, etc.
● Support the Marketing, Content, Product and Partnership teams: understanding user
behaviour (statistical analyses, segmentations, reporting, identification of levers).
● Document all progress, choices and solutions on an ongoing basis.


You are our ideal candidate if...

● You have a good understanding of the business challenges and are able to respond technically.
● You are autonomous, proactive and versatile: working in a small team can mean juggling with roles of Data Scientist, Analyst, Analytics Engineer, Data Engineer, etc.
● You have one or more experiences (5+ years) in data science with development and
production of algorithms (in Python ideally)
● You are comfortable with Cloud environments and have already used a data
● You have knowledge of a Data Visualisation tool (Metabase, Tableau, PowerBI, ...)
● Spoken and written French and English skills required (German is a plus).